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Roland Racing is a specialty market performance design and consulting group with OEM automotive engineering and manufacturing experience. The mission statement of Roland Racing is to apply Detroit level experience with 3D modeling tools, rapid prototyping, and FMEA testing protocols to design, test, and produce high quality products quickly that meet or surpass our customer's needs. Continuous Improvement techniques assure process integrity and on time delivery scheduling. Send your hard copy, jpeg, or pdf sketches as well as IGES or DWG files can be utilized for project quotes.
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Getting the most for your money is important!
So we developed these mirrored symmetrical 'as cast' oval intake ports that flow 355 cfm @.600" lift on a 4.15" bore (380cfm on 4.35" bore). Mirrored Symmetrical means 2 ports are mirrors of the other 2, like a stock Pontiac head.

A top priority of the CV-1 program is to utilize as many 'off the shelf' components as possible- like camshafts, headers, valves and rocker arms.

    Stock round port exhaust

      Convertible exh option

            60cc chamber

High efficiency cast chambers lower cost, while improved exhaust ports provide better blowdown, featuring the 'convertible' exhaust option. This allows the exhaust port to be cut off at the water jacket, which gives a much straighter & higher exit for improved efficiency. This option also gets the exhaust heat out of the head faster, so it cant soak in and raise engine temps.

These CNC options and more on the 'Contacts and Pricing' page show how you can customize your CV-1's to fit your application!