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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Will CV-1's fit on a stock block?
A:     Yes, minimum bore size is 4.15" for 'as cast' chamber
Q:   Can I use my stock round port exhaust manifolds or headers?
A:     Yes, but dimpling of headers may be necessary since CV-1 exhaust ports are raised .350"
Q:   Can I use my existing camshaft?
A:     Yes, CV-1's use stock cam layout
Q:   What else is required to go with CV-1 package?
A:     You'll need BBC rocker arms, then choose intake manifold and valve covers from 'Accessories' page
Q:   Can I use my stock type pistons?
A:     Yes, we offer fly cutting for most applications
Q:   Will the single four intake manifold clear my hood?
A:     Yes, the low rise single four manifold will fit under most factory hoods
Q:   What spark plugs should I use with my CV-1's?
A:   Champion 71 or eqivalent for street/strip use. NGK 8-10 for race
Q:   How much will my engine temp decrease with CV-1's?
A:   We've heard from 15-20 degrees when replacing other alum heads; Up to 40 degrees when replacing iron heads  



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