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CV-1.1 Complete w/ .700" lift springs
$3500 /pr
2.19" valve option
.900" lift valve spring option
Titanium retainer option
add $100
add $150
add $150
CV1.1 oval port bare heads
CV1.1 porters casting bare heads
Single four low rise intake manifold
4150 flange $450
4500 flange $500

2 pc single four hi rise intake manifold


CVI-2 2X4 bbl / EFI intake manifold


CVI-2 option: Removable top
Cast valve covers
CVI-2 2" Plenum spacer
Stud girdle assembly
Shaft Rocker system

CNC options

Cutoff exhaust ports w/ matching hdr flanges


Exhaust extension plate option (cnc ported)
4.35" bore cnc chamber


290cc intake port cnc

Tunnel ram cnc

2 pc race 1x4 cnc 

Contact and Return policy

All returns must be of unused components and preapproved by contacting Roland Racing by phone or email. If a manufacturing defect occurs, Roland Racing will repair or replace product at its discretion free of charge. The item(s) will be UPS ground returned at no cost. If faster shipping is requested, the customer is subject to any increase in fees above UPS ground rates.   

If any questions, please call or email by clicking on the link below.

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